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You will need the right pool table which is right for your game room. We prepared a chart for your reference and will assist you on what is the right sized pool table for your room. The leading popular tables in the home market is the 4′ x 8′ pool table. The “bar boxes” referred table which is distinguish identified for coin mechanisms which is found traditionally in taverns and bars that measure seven foot tables. For a bit smaller rooms such as attics, bedrooms and basements the size the fits is the rare six foot tables. American Table Games carry a variety of 6′ pool tables in different styles. 9′ tables that is more often seen in tournament play levels and rarely in home pool tables, and usually for Snooker tables that is also rare measuring 10 foot and 12 foot tables

Use our room chart at the bottom of the page

6 Foot – 7 Foot – 8 Foot – 8 1/2 Foot – 9 Foot – 10 Foot

American Table Games showcase full line of Pool Tables from, Billiards Tables, Snooker Tables, and Carom Tables. You will be able to find quickly the kind of table by size. These pool tables come with multiple options in customizing the tables according to the clients idea.

Pool Tables, Handmade in our Factory to your specifications. Call 480-983-3315 for more information on our large variety of craps tables. On Sale now with custom options available.

Having a small room a 6 foot pool table sizes can squeeze in which other tables just can not go. The dimension is 36 by 72. It can be installed anywhere as the three piece slate you can easily navigate stairs and doorways. Call 480-983-3315 for more information on our large variety of craps tables. On Sale now with custom options available.

Many game rooms, taverns, bars and pool halls use coin operated 7 foot tables which common pool tables that is being used. Many of the players grew up playing quarter pool tables. We have 40 variety of styles to choose from for 7 foot pool table.

Many sought after 8 foot pool table and mostly available in most all versions of pool tables being produced and in all colors. American Table Games carries 100 version of the the 8 foot pool table. Call us today and find out more of other variety and how we can help you get the best pool table that suits you.

How To Properly fit your table to your room

Pool Table Chart with Table Dimensions